29 March 2005


Harry (click here) alerts the world to this bizarre claim from the Guido Fawkes blog (click here) :
There is also clear evidence that Labour staff have been involved in a semi-official disinformation effort, run out of Labour's offices, on left-wing websites to discredit anti-Blair tactical voting initiatives.
Now, I have been arguing against dickheads who believe in anti-Blair protest voting for some time (click here , here and here just for starters) and I am a member of the Labour Party. But I have acted entirely autonomously.

So, as far as I'm aware, has every other blogger who has attacked the idiocy of voting against Labour because we don't like Tony Blair – in the dumb belief that this will secure a smaller Labour majority that in turn will guarantee the replacement of Blair (er, totally outrageous, er, imperialist apologist Bush poodle, er) by Gordon Brown (er, true internationalist, er, anti-imperialist, er, socialist).

Cretino-leftists, listen up: you might not like Labour, but the only alternative government is Tory. And anything other than voting Labour most places and Lib Dem to beat a Tory if Labour is in third (see tacticalvoter.net) makes no sense. Peter Hain might have got the last bit of that wrong in his piece in the Guardian yesterday (click here), but otherwise he's spot-on.

And Guido, show us the "clear evidence".

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