14 April 2006


Some highlights from the Spectator's round-up on the question: "Are your religious beliefs a load of mumbo-jumbo that no sane and rational person would take seriously?":
George Galloway, Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow:
Yes, I believe in the Resurrection. I believe God restored the life of Jesus of Nazareth and took him to his bosom. The example of suffering and sacrifice followed by vindication is central to my religious belief.

The Rt Revd Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford:

Yes. I believe that the tomb was discovered empty and that Jesus was raised as what St Paul calls "a spiritual body".

Edward Stourton, broadcaster and author:

Yes. I am pretty liberal in most Catholic matters, but I am old-fashioned about the Resurrection, because if it's not true, what's the point? Actually, it's a non-controversial belief. If God intervenes in human history, there is absolutely nothing peculiar about his raising his son from the dead...

Christopher Howse:
Yes. He rose bodily, so you won't find any bones around.

Cliff Richard:
Yes. For me the validity of the Christian faith stands or falls by the Resurrection. If it didn't happen, then all we've got is a code of ethics. Good ones certainly, but we need more than ethics to change lives.

Charles Moore:

Yes: he overcame death, body and soul.
Whoops, mistranscribed the question. It was: "Do you believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead?" My apologies for any offence caused.

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