6 January 2008


I'm getting the feeling that blogging is a bit 2005 and am thinking of giving it up completely very soon.

But while I chew over the options, a thought. It's now 40 years since 1968 - which means that the May evenements in Paris are pretty much as long ago as the Spanish revolution of 1936-38 was when I first got into politics in the 1970s. The first wave of CND 50 years ago is more distant than the Russian revolutions of 1917 were to Edward Thompson and others when they left the Communist Party in 1956. Before we know it, the 1945 general election will be as far away as the Paris Commune was to Aneurin Bevan, George Orwell and all the rest who celebrated the victory of Clement Attlee.

Time to sort the oral history.

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