28 May 2012


I've not been posting on Gauche for the past couple of months because I've been using my screen time to put together my online archive of published pieces. It's now here  and proves definitively to everyone who doubted me that I was right all along about everything.

(Actually, this apparently obsessive project has been motivated by my need to find work and put a decent CV online – I'm going freelance full-time after losing my gig at City University – but never mind.)

The archive is almost complete for everything since 1991, though there are gaps (and it needs editing for style and OCR mistakes). The next step is to get the 1980s on to it.

I've deleted everything from before 1993 from this blog, because posting old stuff always felt like cheating and now there's no excuse. But everything I'd published here that's pre-1993 is on the new archive site.

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