26 September 2013


Ian Bone, late of Class War, gives a plug to Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British left on his blog. It didn't go down well. The first comment, from "EUSTONED? aint we all" reads:

'Nick Cohen says: "A fine little book that reveals Stalin’s deathbed plans to subvert the decent British left for the next 60 years. Chapter five suggests that 'Owen Jones' is really Olga Jonovitch, the crazed Islamo-fascist creation of the KGB’s secret mind labs, programmed to murder Ed Miliband and establish a Victor Serge-Billy Braggist 'volk' dictatorship and the mass-production of bright red three-wheel Lada cars. I call on every decent left liberal opinion-former to read this book, subscribe to Tribune, bomb Iraq and inform on your mates. If you have any. AND ask yourself: 'What would Orwell do? And his animals?'"


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