19 February 2014


The survey the Co-op is asking us all to complete is just like Tony Blair telling Rebekah Brooks to set up an inquiry with a pre-ordained outcome.

I've just done the bloody thing. You can't express the opinion that mutualism is a good thing in itself and should be encouraged, and all the questions on whether the Co-op should be involved politically are about whether "big businesses" in general – rather than member-controlled consumer organisations – should make political donations.

This is a shocking travesty of consultation that deserves nothing but contempt. YouGov should be ashamed for putting out such an amateurish and slanted questionnaire (though I'm sure they were only following orders).

Of course, the Co-op needs to change ... but "modernisation" in the sense of adapting to the cant of the day on market forces and becoming even more like every other rapacious capitalist corporation is the last thing it needs.

Do the survey, click on the most socialist options on the multiple-choice questions – not that there are many – and then complain to Co-op HQ that the new management has got it as wrong as the last lot.

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