14 May 2005


Robin Butley writes:

It looks as if the chumps on Labour’s Europhobe wing have decided to join up with the Tories and the xenophobe right in the campaign against British endorsement of the European constitution. My moles tell me that the Centre for a Social Europe, the nominally left-leaning pressure group set up last year by Ian Davidson MP and others – I say "nominally" because its sources of funding have never been disclosed, and other supposedly left-leaning anti-European pressure groups have in the past been bankrolled by right-wing xenophobe money – has agreed to become part of No, the new umbrella anti-European campaign for the referendum, which will be dominated by diehard Tory right-wingers and the bigots of UKIP and Veritas. No BNP spotted yet, but Labour’s anti-Europe useful idiots are playing a very dangerous game.

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