23 February 2007


I'm afraid I almost agree with Harry Barnes, a former Labour MP and one of the people that might just have backed the man 20 years ago:
Michael Meacher's decision to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party and thus for the Prime Minister's crown is an unmitigated disaster.

He is yesterday's man, having stood for the deputy leadership 23 years ago in the heyday of a long departed Bennism...

What we need is a left-leaning candidate who will offer a sensible critique of New Labourism, whilst being serious about troop withdrawals and will adopt a Labourite platform which won't frighten the birds...

The alternative to Gordon and John McDonnell should be Peter Hain. He has at least made noises in Government to show that he isn't in tune with the general thrust of New Labour.

My only disagreement is that I'd go for Charles Clarke as challenger of choice. Whatever, Gordon needs to make it clear he wants a serious contest that will not exclude the loser from a senior job in cabinet. Meacher and McDonnell are jokes.

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