12 April 2005


I’ve voted Green myself once – in 1989 in the European elections, when it didn’t matter – but I wouldn’t touch the Greens with the proverbial bargepole this general election, for two reasons.
1. Every one of the seats in which they think they have a chance – Brighton Pavilion, Lewisham Deptford, Norwich South, Leeds West and Holborn St Pancras – is held by Labour, and voting Green in these seats will benefit only the Tory candidate. Sorry, boys and girls, but you're a dangerous diversion.

2. Although I agree with rather a lot in the Green manifesto, including the proposals for a citizen’s income and for a massive rethink of environmental taxation, I can’t swallow the idiotic Euroscepticism. Campaigning against the European constitution as nominal pro-Europeans because you want a better one? Get serious.

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