15 April 2005


The Stalinist Communist Party of Britain – the Morning Star party – is preparing to forfeit six deposits on May 5 – in Pontypridd, where its general secretary Robert Griffiths is standing against Labour’s Kim Howells; Glasgow Central (Elinor McKenzie standing against Mohammad Sarwar); Hackney South and Shoreditch (Monty Goldman standing against Meg Hillier); Newcastle-upon-Tyne East and Wallsend (Martin Levy standing against Nick Brown); Alyn and Deeside (Glyn Davies standing against Mark Tami); and Liverpool Crosby (Geoff Bottoms standing against Claire Curtis-Thomas).

I know it’s puerile, but if I were subbing on the Liverpool Daily Post I’d be doing my best in the next three weeks to have some fun with the name of the last-mentioned CPB candidate (a Catholic priest who is a big defender of Castro’s Cuba). Though on second thoughts
Bottoms call to ditch Blair
and back dictatorship
sums up in a nutshell what the CPB is all about.

Update The Weekly Worker has its say on the CPB here.

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